I have always refused to go into therapy where there is only talk and I didn’t know exactly what to think of the „coaching“ with Brigitte. Already after the first session I felt something inside me start to change. I noticed that within a very short time I was going through a process that had failed for years. Thanks to Brigitte, I was able to build a good relationship with my sister. I would like to recommend this coaching to all those who are really ready to work on themselves.

It is remarkable how committed Brigitte is and, above all, how many different ideas she has, this “work” is very varied and interesting. EMDR is not a normal therapy; it works in a very short time. The body can deal with trauma that you have had to go through and with Brigitte this process is even easier. She is a compassionate person, which is important for her to be easy to talk to. You can open up and as soon as you have done that, you will be rewarded with „being free“.

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