I have known Brigitte for a long time and turned to her for help. I was in tremendous pain about being left alone. There were several triggers for my fear of loss. B. my daughter broke off contact with the family. I was shaky and weak, suffered from panic attacks, dizziness, resignation, discouragement, every stroke of my hand was too much for me. I felt helpless, paralyzed even with everyday activities.

I have done several sessions with Brigitte, eg B. a detachment ritual from my daughter with the Phyllis Krystal method, heart room meditations but mainly EMDR trauma processing.

Once, during a guided imaginary journey with deep relaxation, I came into contact with a spiritual entity (or a previous life of mine), with a woman who had exactly this insane pain from fear of abandonment. Images of war and destruction came to me: „They all went away and they left me behind, it feels like I’m alone in the world, I can’t say anything, I can’t move …!“ Brigitte instructed me to help this woman and to release her from this fear.

I believe that the meditations for the heart room also helped me a lot. Brigitte works very intuitively when she uses her various methods, I was always able to fully entrust myself to her and felt more and more security, trust and love in my heart. I could also feel and let go of my tense body again. I then felt a connection in the heart space, there was benevolence and love, complete acceptance, which of course brought me security, courage and self-confidence. Today, after several months, I still feel good and strong, I am totally happy and somehow I have arrived. I feel peace within myself, with the world and with all creatures. Brigitte showed me many exercises that helped me. If you want my address, please contact Brigitte, I’ll be happy toto provide personal information. I don’t know how I would have managed all of this without Brigitte and of course I am very, very grateful to her for everything.

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