I had a severe crisis in my last year of apprenticeship and thought «Uiii, something is wrong with me, how can I get myself into such a situation!» I had my first therapy experience with Ms. Fischer and I am glad that I took this opportunity. I felt very comfortable right from the start and was able to quickly build trust in her. It gave me the courage and I realized that

I was not alone with it, but that other people also had such crises. My insecurity, my self-doubts and the great stress have decreased and the whole situation has calmed down. It helped me a lot that I was able to discuss and work on my situation with a neutral specialist. I was able to gain access to feelings such as anger or hatred and learned to deal with them. My self-esteem has grown and I have been able to feel more and more gratitude for the good things I have in my life. We were also able to deal with my fear of exams and I successfully passed my final apprenticeship exam. I am very grateful to Ms. Fischer for this and can only recommend other people to get support in crisis situations. I wish Mrs. Fischer all the best!

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