I came to Brigitte’s coaching practice, mainly because of my procrastination (blockade of execution). For example, I always wanted to study for the vocational school-leaving certificate, but couldn’t open a book at home, but I was constantly plagued by a bad conscience and a bad mood. At school I had no motivation and often didn’t even know what the next exam was about. The chaos and pressure have increased.

It was only through Brigitte’s coaching that I realized what I was doing with myself. We cleared a lot of blockages and then it was possible to organize my papers, do the housework and suddenly study for school too. Especially the use of cannabis and the constant contact with the mobile phone kept me from doing my things. I was simply unmotivated for no reason, in the morning: “No, do I really have to get up?”. Now it goes without any ifs or buts – it just flows as if it were free time, before I saw everything as just a chore. Now I feel really free – like pure ME, as clear as the water! Anyone who says „smoking weed is harmless“ is lying! Now I have a different consciousness, a clear head. I get up motivated and earlier and am already in a good mood in the morning. Yes, I am now who I actually am. Now I see what smoking weed did to me, I’ll never do that to myself again. I haven’t taken a single hit of cannabis.

Thanks to Brigitte’s intensive support, I was able to persevere and implement what I set out to do. I became aware of what was blocking me in life, I was always tired and unmotivated. That cannabis helps to expand consciousness is a fairy tale, on the contrary, it obscures consciousness. Now I have a clear awareness and we are also able to use the mobile phone more consciously. I enjoy my life every day and I am no longer dragged down so quickly.

After a few weeks of intensive work with Brigitte, there were big changes: At school I was spoken to „… what’s going on with you, you’re so different, so alert, so good-humored!“ My concentration has increased rapidly, I feel better, much more positive, happier and more alive. I used to run around like a wreck, saunter there, let myself drift. I’ve found myself and now I know what I’m worth and what I want. My laughter has changed, it comes from within.

Before, I always felt ashamed and didn’t know what. I did this topic processing with Brigitte, e.g. B. with the inner child we have processed the trauma of a separation from my mother. Something stopped back then and I always made myself small and never felt really grown up. Now I can say: „I’m 22 and I feel that way too, I was allowed to grow up.“

I am proud of what I have achieved! Brigitte was able to motivate me well and used various interesting methods, actually it was very easy. Thank you, dear Brigitte, with your help I found the strength to change a lot!

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